Behind The Scenes

For more than 20 years, Laurent has directed, written and produced documentaries for over 200 films working behind the scenes on-set or chronicling the past history of great classics of worldwide cinema. A pioneer in the field, his credits include feature length documentaries, shorts, audio commentaries, television specials and more.



The Post Steven Spielberg
Ad Astra James Gray
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: 40th Anniversary Steven Spielberg
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom J.A. Bayona
Beautiful Boy Felix Van Groeningen
War for the Planet of the Apes Matt Reeves
Murder on the Orient Express Kenneth Branagh
Ghost In the Shell Rupert Sanders
Fifty Shades Darker James Foley




Ready Player One Steven Spielberg
The BFG Steven Spielberg
Star Wars: The Force Awakens J. J. Abrams
Birth of a Nation Nate Parker
Ben-Hur Timur Bekmambetov




Bridge of Spies Steven Spielberg
Jurassic World Colin Trevorrow
 Fifty Shades of Grey Sam Taylor Johnson
Selma Ava DuVernay
A.D.: The Bible Continues Mark Burnett/Roma Downey
The Dovekeepers Mark Burnett/Roma Downey
Under The Dome, Season 3 (TV Series) Amblin Television
Extant, Season 2 (TV Series) Amblin Television




Under the Dome, Season 2 (TV Series) Stephen King/Amblin Television
Extant (TV Series) Amblin Television
Son Of God Mark Burnett/Roma Downey
The Hundred Foot Journey Lasse Hallström
Gremlins Joe Dante
Braveheart Mel Gibson
Hercules Brett Ratner
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Matt Reeves



 Jurassic Park 3D Steven Spielberg
 12 Years A Slave Steve McQueen
World War Z Marc Forster
The Exorcist (40th Anniversary) William Friedkin
Delivery Man Ken Scott
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Tommy Wirkola
Under The Dome (TV Series) Stephen King
The Bible (TV Mini-Series) Mark Burnett/Roma Downey



ET: The Extra-Terrestrial Steven Spielberg
Raiders Of The Lost Ark Steven Spielberg
Lincoln Steven Spielberg
Titanic 3D (co-producer) James Cameron
Premium Rush David Koepp
Hitchcock Sacha Gervasi
Get The Gringo Adrian Grunberg
Driving Miss Daisy Bruce Beresford



The Jurassic Park Trilogy Steven Spielberg
War Horse Steven Spielberg
The Adventures Of Tintin Steven Spielberg
Scarface Brian De Palma
Carnage Roman Polanski
Killer Joe (Audio Commentary) William Friedkin
Charlton Heston and Ben-Hur: A Personal Journey William Wyler
The Tree Of Life Terrence Malick
Machine Gun Preacher Marc Forster
Tower Heist Brett Ratner



Minority Report Steven Spielberg
Avatar (co-producer) James Cameron
The Ten Commandments Cecil B. DeMille
Back To The Future Trilogy Robert Zemeckis
The Ghost Writer Roman Polanski
The Exorcist (Director’s Cut) William Friedkin
Doctor Zhivago David Lean



Lonely Are The Brave David Miller
The Diary Of Anne Frank George Stevens
Lookin’ To Get Out Hal Ashby
Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past Mark Waters
M Butterfly David Cronenberg
It’s Complicated Nancy Meyers



The Boys In The Band William Friedkin
Sunset Boulevard Billy Wilder
Ghost Town David Koepp
Being There Hal Ashby
Doubt John Patrick Shanley
Howard The Duck Willard Huyck
The Last Picture Show Peter Bogdanovich
Nickelodeon (Audio Commentary) Peter Bogdanovich



Close Encounters (30th Anniversary) Steven Spielberg
Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of  The Crystal Skull Steven Spielberg
Chinatown Roman Polanski
Cruising William Friedkin
Bug William Friedkin
The Kite Runner Marc Forster
Bonnie & Clyde Arthur Penn
The Two Jakes Jack Nicholson



Rush Hour 3 Brett Ratner
Flashdance Adrian Lyne
Twister Jan De Bont
Into The Wild Sean Penn
Roving Mars (IMAX) George Butler
Cujo Lewis Teague
The Spiderwick Chronicles Mark Waters
Bourne and Robert Ludlum Paul Greengrass



Reds Warren Beatty
Network Sidney Lumet
Black Rain Ridley Scott
The Conformist Bernardo Bertolucci
1900 Bernardo Bertolucci
The Yakuza (Audio Commentary) Sydney Pollack
The Dead Zone David Cronenberg
Pet Sematary Mary Lambert
Straight Time (Audio Commentary) Ulu Grossbard



8 Below (Audio Commentary) Frank Marshall
Mommie Dearest Frank Perry
Looker Michael Crichton
The DaVinci Code (co-producer) Ron Howard
Cinderella Liberty (Audio Commentary) Mark Rydell
The Other Side of Midnight (Audio Commentary) Charles Jarrott
Deliverance John Boorman
Body Heat Lawrence Kasdan



War Of The Worlds Steven Spielberg
Munich Steven Spielberg
The Black Dahlia Brian De Palma
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Alfred Hitchcock
Oliver Twist Roman Polanski
Prince Of The City Sidney Lumet
The Morning After (Audio Commentary) Sidney Lumet



Casino Martin Scorsese
The Silence Of The Lambs Jonathan Demme
Bobby Deerfield (Audio Commentary) Sydney Pollack
Point Blank (Audio Commentary) John Boorman
The Warriors (Ultimate Director’s Cut) Walter Hill
A Streetcar Named Desire Elia Kazan
The Thing Called Love Peter Bogdanovich
Ryan’s Daughter David Lean



Saving Private Ryan Steven Spielberg
The Terminal Steven Spielberg
The Untouchables Brian De Palma
The Alfred Hitchcock Warner Collection Alfred Hitchcock
Tess Roman Polanski
Secret Window David Koepp
Raging Bull Martin Scorsese



The Manchurian Candidate Jonathan Demme
The China Syndrome James Bridges
Racing With The Moon Richard Benjamin
The Bourne Supremacy Paul Greengrass
Alfie Charles Shyer
The Stepford Wives Frank Oz
The Village M. Night Shyamalan



The Indiana Jones Trilogy Steven Spielberg
Scarface (20th Anniversary) Sidney Lumet
Murder On The Orient Express Sidney Lumet
Christine John Carpenter
Dreamcatcher Lawrence Kasdan
Narc Joe Carnahan
Seabiscuit Gary Ross



E.T. (20th Anniversary) Steven Spielberg
Duel Steven Spielberg
The Color Purple Steven Spielberg
Minority Report Steven Spielberg
Catch Me If You Can Steven Spielberg
Body Double Brian De Palma
Carlito’s Way Brian De Palma
Femme Fatale Brian De Palma
Back To The Future Trilogy Robert Zemeckis
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (executive producer) Robert Zemeckis
Serpico Sidney Lumet



The Producers Mel Brooks
The Professionals Richard Brooks
The Andromeda Strain Robert Wise
Fahrenheit 451 François Truffaut
Day For Night François Truffaut
Targets Peter Bogdanovich
Paper Moon Peter Bogdanovich
Daisy Miller Peter Bogdanovich
Silent Running Douglas Trumbull
Dracula John Badham
Cat People Paul Schrader



AI: Artificial Intelligence Steven Spielberg
Obsession Brian De Palma
Carrie (25th Anniversary) Brian De Palma
Dressed To Kill Brian De Palma
Casualties Of War Brian De Palma
Cape Fear Martin Scorsese
Lawrence Of Arabia David Lean



The Alfred Hitchcock Universal Collection Alfred Hitchcock
Play Misty For Me Clint Eastwood
Jurassic Park III Joe Johnston
Midway Jack Smight
Jaws 2 Jeannot Szwarc
The Mask Of Zorro Martin Campbell
Cape Fear J. Lee Thompson
Signs M. Night Shyamalan



Jaws (25th Anniversary) Steven Spielberg
The Lost World Steven Spielberg
The Ninth Gate (Audio Commentary) Roman Polanski
Bridge On The River Kwai David Lean
Somewhere In Time (20th Anniversary) Jeannot Szwarc
Conan The Barbarian John Milius
The Lady From Shanghai Orson Welles
Eyes of Laura Mars (Audio Commentary) Irvin Kershner



Taxi Driver Martin Scorsese
Silverado Lawrence Kasdan
The Last Picture Show Peter Bogdanovich
Touch Of Evil Orson Welles
Snow Falling On Cedars Scott Hicks



Close Encounters of The Third Kind Steven Spielberg
The Big Chill Lawrence Kasdan
American Graffiti George Lucas
The Love Letter Peter Chan



Vertigo (Audio Commentary) Alfred Hitchcock
The Godfather Collection Francis Ford Coppola
Daylight Rob Cohen




E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Steven Spielberg
Scarface Brian DePalma
Dog Day Afternoon Sidney Lumet
12 Monkeys (Audio Commentary) Terry Gilliam
Dragonheart Rob Cohen
Tremors Ron Underwood



Jaws (20th Anniversary) Steven Spielberg
1941 Steven Spielberg




Street Fighter (Audio Commentary) Steven DeSouza



Money for Nothing Ramon Menendez




Blackmail (Audio Commentary) Alfred Hitchcock




Carrie (Audio Commentary) Brian De Palma